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Updated 7-28-04
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BioMed Central:
Discovery Mental Health:
Get On Top:

General Mental Health

Psychnet-UK:This is a great Site for Mental Health Information
Internet Mental Health:
Health A to Z
Brown's Department Psychiatry and Human Behavior
CyberAnalysis Clinic
CCI Journal
Psych Central:
NAMI: National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Check out their Consumer &
Family Guide to Schizophrenia Treatment
Univ of Washington HealthLinks: All Health Links from University of Washington
Royal College of Psychiatrist: British Psychiatric Journels
Clarke Institiute of Psychiatry: "Bringing Peace to Troubled Minds"
Mental Health Net: "An award winning review guide to mental Health, psychology, and psychiatry online,
currently listing over 7,000 individual resources."
Side Click: Extensive Links and Subjects
The Whole Brain Atlas:
Psychology Web Archive: written/maintained by a Graduate psychology student at the University of Zurich
Psychological Advisor Newsletter: An International, Interactive Electronic Magazine
Mentalhealth Internet Resources: "Comprehensive point of interaction on the Web for individuals interseted
in mental health and disability issues"
Psychiatry- Associations and Societies:
Healthfinder: Wide coverage of topics from the US Dept of Health and Human Services
Hopkins Q&A: Stress, Part One -:
NYU Department of Psychiatry:
Psychiatry Information for the general public:
Reference Desk for NYU:
Mental Illness Activist Home Page: gathering and disseminating information on mental health activism
PSICHE 2000: an Italy-wide network of non-profit associations made up largely of members of the
families of persons with NBD's and volunteers
The Therapy Network:
Mixed Nuts: support group and chat for people living with mental illness
Mental Health Worldwide Search: Search net for mental health resources, therapists, or journal articles
Meta-Index for Psychiatry and Clinical Psycology: Search site
Handilinks-Health: Here is a large list of links for All health topics
Paxil Mental Health Weather Station: for Panic disorders, Depression and OCD
Walkers Web: support for mood disorders
WRAP-Wellness Recovery Action Plan: self help strategies for Dealing with Depression,
Manic Depression and Other Psychiatric Disorders
A Fine Kettle of Fish: website about sharing wisdom, pain, happiness, exchanging support and advice.
Mental Wellness: for patients, families, and caregivers
Dr Bob's Mental Health Links:
Archives of General Psychiatry:
Brain Disorders Network

Schizophrenia Links

Schizophrenia Info
Schizophrenia Research Guide
Schizophrenia-Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Schizophrenia- New Medicines
VA-Yale Schizophrenia Biological Research Center
JHU-Psychiatry Dept-Epidemiology-Genetics-Schizophrenia
"Surviving Schizophrenia": excerpt from the book by E.Fuller Torrey.MD
Schizophrenia Research Search Results
The Schizophrenia HomePage: information, newsletter, chatrooms, online support and discussion groups 
Search Results for Schizophrenia: InteliHealth
Hopkins Q & A: Hope for Treating Schizophrenia: Part 2
Hopkins Q & A: Making Sense of Schizophrenia: Part 1
Childhood Schizophrenia
 Schizophrenia Digest Main Page: A magazine in Canada with readers in US, Europe and Austrailia
Schizophrenia Directory homepage: Supportive/Positive Environment for persons living with Schizophrenia 


Healthtouch-Leaflets on Depression
St. John Wellness
Depression- How Medicine can help
Don't Fool around with Depression
Dr. Ivan's Depression Central
Depression at Intelihealth
Internet Depression Links: Depression, Treatments, Manic Depression, Panic, Suicide Prevention
The Healing Place: website designed as resource for those in pain, be it emotional, physical, or spiritual

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