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Dazyclover's Sanity Page
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Journey Begins

I hope that you enjoy your visit to my homepage. My intentions are to have a site for people like my self that are looking for knowledge, insight, support, or just plain, comfort, on dealing with mental illness in the family.

My oldest child, my only son, was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in May of 1995, when he was only 17. I knew nothing about Schizophrenia - I knew nothing about mental illnesses except that it would change the course of my
and my family's life.

So began my search for knowledge. But where was I suppose to find it? It was hard to find up to date information. I bought all of the books I could find on the subject, until I couldn't afford it anymore. Then I discovered the wealth of knowledge on the internet and wanted to pass it on to others in the same situation.I hope that I have been helpful in pointing you in the direction of what you are looking for.


I have also included a section on Depression as I have suffered from Chronic Major Depression for almost all of my life, only didn't realize it until after I become involved with the mental health system with my son.

There is also a section on things that have helped me keep my sanity in this world in which we live. I don't know what I would have done without crafts to keep me going on the long nights of sitting up with my son, or my periods of insomnia from the depression.

I found that if I could keep my hands busy, and follow my "gameplan" when I first start feeling depressed that I could deal with everything that was going wrong in my life. And for the times that the depression gets the best of me, I rely on humor to keep myself sane.... well, almost sane!

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

If all else fails, look up.

Famous People Who Have Had Mental Illness

Hans Christian Anderson, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Winston Churchill, Kurt Cobain, Charles Darwin, Emily Dickenson, Thomas Edison, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Betty Ford, Paul Gauguin, King George III, Johan Goethe, Ernest Hemingway, Victor Hugo, Thomas Jefferson, John Keats, Abraham Lincoln, Michelangelo, Florence Nightengale, King Saul, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Isaac Newton.