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Dazyclover's Sanity Page
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Welcome to my humble home
Come in, sit down, converse.
It doesn't always look like this--
Some days it's even worse!


Welcome to my new snazzier version of dazyclover's Sanity Page. I am still under construction so like the ditty above says, excuse the mess.
If you are looking for the Photo Albums or the old version of this page, look for the link at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, use the links in white at the top righthand of this page.
The articles are listed under the In the News Page.


Looking for information on Schizophrenia? Depression? Need facts on medications? Trying to find a support group or email list concerning Schizophrenia or Depression? I like I just may be able to help you!

What's New

My pages at the old Sanity Page have been updated. There are new links on the Home, Balm for my Soul, Mental Health Links, Support, and  Local Pages.  I am currently working on this site -- updating and adding a new page called Proud American. It will have info about supporting our soldiers who are risking their lives everyday to not only preserve our freedoms but by bringing freedom to others.


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