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Dazyclover's Sanity Page


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I hope that you enjoy your visit here. My intentions are to have a site for people like my self that are looking for knowledge, insight, support, or just plain, comfort, on dealing with mental illness in the family.

My oldest child, my only son, was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, in May 1995. He was only 17. I knew nothing about Schizophrenia - I knew nothing about mental illnesses except that it would change the course of my and my family's life.

So began my search for knowledge. But where was I suppose to find it? It was hard to find up to date information. I bought all of the books I could find on the subject, until I couldn't afford it anymore. Then I discovered the wealth of knowledge on the internet and wanted to pass it on to others in the same situation.

If I can be of any assistance in your search for info or just need someone who knows what this life is like, please email me