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Sept. 18, 2000 By Jeff Levine, WebMD Washington Bureau Chief
For the first time experts have gathered here for a national summit aimed at solving the problems of mental illness in children. The big issues include whether or not kids, particularly minorities, are getting the help they need, and are widely used drugs like Ritalin safe for those with ADHD?
Event Date: 05/16/2000.
Moderator:  Hello and welcome to WebMD Live.  Our guest today is Lorre Mendelson, a political activist and an advocate for persons with disabilities based in Northern California. A contributor to Perspectives, an online magazine devoted to mental health, she has written extensively about activism-related issues within the mental-health community. She was trained by the National Mental Health Voter Empowerment Project to help encourage voting in this year's election.  2/05/02
If I tell them what is happening, they will probably think I am losing my mind and make me see a psychiatrist, Scott thought to himself. God, it's scary ....I get to school in the morning, and everyone is staring at me. A bunch of kids will be standing in the hall. I can tell that they are talking about me. I hear them saying my name, while they're standing around laughing and making jokes. I can just tell.

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